October 29, 2015

MoneyLend.net Editorial Guidelines for Guest Posts

High quality guest posts to the MoneyLend.net blog are welcome. Acceptance is made at the discretion of the MoneyLend.net editorial staff, and all submissions are subject to editing. We are looking for strong thought leadership contributions that will be meaningful to our audience of consumers and small business owners. Please email your submissions in Word format to contact@moneylend.net.

Following are guidelines to keep in mind when writing articles for MoneyLend.net:

  1. Articles must not be self-promotional.
  2. All submissions are subject to editing by the MoneyLend.net editorial staff.
  3. All articles must be completely original, and not published elsewhere. You may however, link to your article on MoneyLend.net from your social media accounts, website or blog.
  4. No “spun” articles, keyword-dense articles, articles from “content mills” or articles created solely for SEO purposes will be considered. Write for live readers, not the search engine.
  5. Authors whose submissions are accepted will get a byline and a brief bio with hyperlink back to their website and social media accounts at the end of the article.
  6. Avoid “fluff” pieces. Offer information that is useful and informative, with unique insights.
  7. Whenever possible, back up your claims with hard data referenced from legitimate sources. Base your article on facts and research. If you are drawing conclusions from personal experience or observations, make that clear in the context of your article.
  8. If you quote others, be sure to attribute the source of your quote.
  9. Keep posts between 800 and 1500 words.
  10. Any links included in the body of the article must be relevant to the context of the piece. Posts with links to low-value websites or blogs, or links that are blatantly self-promotional, are not accepted. You will have an opportunity to link back to your site in your bio. Posts that contain affiliate links will be denied.

What do you get from contributing to MoneyLend.net?

Please note, MoneyLend.net guests posts are unpaid. When you contribute to the MoneyLend.net blog, you gain access to a growing audience of individuals interested in personal and small business finance, and an opportunity to gain brand presence for yourself or your company with your bio. Guest posts all include a byline with a brief bio at the bottom, which includes links to your website or other social media accounts.

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