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We know that finding a right personal loan lender takes time and research. MoneyLend does all the hard work for you by spending our time researching the top money lenders and loan service providers. We started by researching all the lenders and loan service providers and what they have to offer, then we gather all their loan information and we present them to you via our Lender Search Tool. The lender’s information, such as their fees, max amount allowed, the type of lender they are, the type of loans they issue, and etc., are provided to you when you search a personal or business loan through our site. We make it possible for you, the client, to do a loan comparison, shopping for the perfect loan like never before. Just like Expedia, who do travel deal comparisons, but we deal with money lenders and loan service providers instead, providing a fast and accurate way for our clients to compare lenders and loan service providers and find the one right for them.

Whether you are in need of a quick unsecured loan for short term needs, a personal installment emergency loan that you can pay back monthly, or even a peer to peer loan for a lower interest rate; we've got you covered! Finding a right lender can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Loan Products

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Personal Loan

Up to $35K

  • Personal Use
  • APR: 5.9% ~ 35%
  • Terms: 6 ~ 72 months
  • Long Term Cash Needs
  • Larger Borrowing Amount
  • Fast Loan Approval
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Business Loan

Up to $300K

  • Business Use
  • APR: 5.9% and up
  • Terms: 6 ~ 72 months
  • Long Term Cash Needs
  • Various Interest Rates
  • Some Lead Time Required
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P2P Loan

Up to $35K

  • Personal/Business Use
  • APR: 5.9% to 35.89%
  • Terms: 36 ~ 60 months
  • Long Term Cash Needs
  • Lower Interest Rate
  • Some Lead Time Required
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The APR will vary from 3.5% - 35.95% on online loans depending on the offer.

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