Best Ways to Get a $5,000 Loan: Personal, Business and Bad Credit

If you have an excellent credit score of 690 or higher, you’ll get the widest options of getting a $5,000 loan. Fortunately, the average FICO credit score is 704 in America. That makes many Americans eligible for multiple 5,000 dollar loan options. But, you can still get a loan even with bad credit. This guide[…]

From debt to riches, is it still possible?

We’ve all heard this story before. It’s one that many of us have dreamed of, at least once in our lives. Different stories, different people—but the formula is pretty much the same. A poor person, usually drowning in debt or originating from the slums, accidentally strucks the proverbial gold and goes from rags to riches[…]

11 Top Websites, Articles, and Apps to Help You Get Out of Debt

#successful #money #poverty #life #happiness #love #betterlife #beingpoor #berich #quotes #instadaily #quoteoftheday #lifequotes #impress #spendmoney #slave #debt #getoutofdebt #outofdebt #debthelp #debtrelief #savingmoney #loan #debtconsolidation #credithelp #moneyhelp — MoneyLend (@MoneyLendNet) July 16, 2018 Much of the time, people know intellectually how to get out of debt. However, it isn’t necessarily a lack of knowledge that[…]

Digital Nomads: How Living a Life of Adventure Can Help You Get Out of Debt Faster

Watching the sunset on the coast of Ecuador. Playing on the beach in Mexico. Drinking sangria in a Spanish cafe. If reading any of those statements made you feel excited, chances are good that you have the travel bug. But if you’re in debt, extended travel to places like that may seem out of reach.[…]

What are the most common invoicing mistakes that hurt your business?

Cash-flow is the bloodstream of a business and having a proper invoicing process helps you stay afloat. Although simple, this step is essential to maintain excellent financial indicators that could help you get a loan or get discounts from your vendors by paying your bills on time. Late cashing can translate to delays of your[…]