May 18, 2015

7 Best Online Payday Loans & Alternatives in 2018 – Bad Credit Loans

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If you have a cash emergency a few days away from your next paycheck, you can turn to online payday loans for quick funds. But how safe are applying for payday loans online? This article will explore how payday loans work, their basic features as well as their benefits and shortcomings.

What is a payday loan?

Payday loan also is known as payday advance, payroll loan, salary loan, small-dollar loan, cash advance or check advance loans is a short-term unsecured loan offered for only a short period usually until the borrowers next paycheck.

You can easily access payday loans online within just a few minutes if you have access to the internet. Online payday lenders offer borrowers instant cash when they have a financial emergency and the salary is still some few days to come. The loan is also provided to borrowers who don’t have sufficient funds to get them through the next paycheck, upon which the loan becomes due and needs repayment.

Payday loans usually attract very high-interest rates, and it’s only a good option for you if you have an emergency since while they may offer you a quick fix, they do not provide a permanent solution for all your money needs. If you always find yourself in need of a fast loan, you need to examine your current financial situation for ways to change how you budget and plan your finances to see if you can free up any extra money.

How do online payday loans work?

Online payday loans usually have a very simple process of applying. They only require your details and after they are verified, you receive the cash either immediately or within some hours. Typically, some verification of employment or income sources is involved that is usually via pay stubs and bank statements although some payday lenders do not verify income or run any credit checks.

The payday lender usually explains the service they offer, as great option to clients who require some help or boost regularly. Payday lenders sometimes require post-dated checks to act as the loan’s security. Some payday advance loans rely on the borrower having previous payroll and employment records.

The online payday loans make money by charging upfront loan fees and high interest with yearly rates that can go very high even as three to six hundred percent on the loans. Different states and jurisdictions are in the process of passing laws to prevent exploitation which is unreasonable and excessive rates of interest. Their aim is to introduce caps that will cushion the consumers from exploitation that usually come with the interest rates on the loans since many people depend on the loans to survive.

What is online payday credits essential features?

  • Easy access and fast.

An online payday loan is tailored to help meet various urgent needs of a borrower, and thus it is a handy online instrument for managing short term. It is a cash advance dependent on the expected regular paycheck.

  • A maximum amount of $1,000.

The loan size may range from $50 to $1,000 and may be based on the borrower’s residence, income and credit rating. The loan amount varies from state to state, and the borrowers’ qualifications also depend on different payday lenders. While most states limit the maximum cash advance to $500 or $1,000, few are more permissive.

  • It is costly.

This type of a loan is a costly borrowing method and is preferred mostly by individuals with poor credit or even no credit at all. These online payday loans can be regarded as predatory forms of loans since they possess a reputation of charging exorbitant interest rates and concealed requirements of high additional fees.  In most cases the borrower ends up paying considerable huge amounts despite taking small loans due to the high APR and the fees associated. Different states regulate the interest rate, but in total, it varies from 200% to over 600%. The payday lender calculates the APR considering your income, loan amount and credit rating. A majority of states have usury restrictions that cap interest fees to approximately less than 35%. However, the payday lenders operated under certain exclusions that allow them to charge higher rates in some states.

  • Debit the money straight to borrower’s account.

Online payday lenders make a direct debit into the borrowers’ account. The lenders then require the debtor to provide post-dated checks equaling the borrowed money or debit straight to the account. It grants the lender authority to deduct any money owed by the borrower plus fees, from their account directly.

  • It is payable once in total

On payday, the lender electronically withdraws the total loan amount plus the interest incurred for the period.

  • Roll over and renewal benefits

You may request for an extension or roll-over of the loan only in those states that the procedure is permitted. Although this action may get you trapped in a never-ending debt cycle

What are some benefits and dangers associated with online payday debts?

Advantages of online payday loans

  • You get quick and instant access to funds.
  • Fast application process. Applicants spend less than 5 minutes in filling their details.
  • Online payday lenders give feedback on their decision within a few hours.
  • Someone does not require a great credit rating to acquire payday advance. You can still get the approval even with a bad or even poor credit history as long as you have a paycheck coming up.
  • You can’t delay in payment since you repay by your salary that goes into the account or any other amount that goes through the account.

Dangers that comes with online payday loans

  • If the account has a deficit on the repayment date, you may surpass the account’s overdraft perimeter or may even face the consequences of a bounced check.
  • If you opt for a rollover on your loan, you might end up paying fees even higher than the original amount.
  • The APRs may exceed the original loan considerably, and so it’s vital to go through all conditions and terms before you accept the offer.
  • If you default on payday loans, it could have an impact on your credit rating.
  • Payday loans charge high fees and interests and require quick repayment of the loan which often makes it difficult for a borrower to pay off the loan and still meet regular monthly expenses. So, you may quickly find yourself trapped in debts cycle that never ends since you mostly take another loan every time you repay the previous one for you to survive. It is crucial to creating budgets for your expenses to avoid that.

Payday Loan Alternatives

Check out some payday loan alternatives like: Personal LoansInstallment Loans, or P2P loans if you want to take advantage of having a lower interest rate and longer payment terms.

Bottom Line

An online payday loan is a convenient alternative if you have an urgent cash need, but you should never allow it to be your constant source of financial remedy because it is costly and can quickly exceed your ability to repay it within no time

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