August 26, 2020

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Insurance For Retirement and Tax-Advantaged Saving

You are about to discover one of the greatest wealth-building & asset protection strategies in the 21st century…

This is a strategy that can give you a constant flow of retirement income so you don’t run out of money…

A strategy that has the upside potential of the stock market but is without the risk of a stock market downturn…

…and so you’re not overwhelmed with complication, confusion, and frustration!

In the next few minutes, you’re going to discover…

A powerful wealth building and retirement strategy for generating lifetime tax-free income, growth, and preservation of principal with both living & death benefit all at the same time

It is a ridiculously simple way to put your retirement income on autopilot AND shield it from devastating stock market losses & enormous future taxes.

So Who Is This Product For?

This is a great product if you are or you feel…

  • afraid of the stock market downturns during your accumulation years.
  • wish there are more simple and predictable retirement income and lifestyle.
  • sick of not knowing what to expect.
  • tired of worrying about how the latest bad news or economic fluctuations might completely ruin your ability to even retire at all.
  • sick of so-called “money managers” draining you with management fees only to rarely contact you and act like they’re not even paying attention.
  • concerned you might live too long and not have enough money for retirement.
  • afraid of dying too soon and not able to support your family once you are gone.
  • afraid of getting ill and not able to work.

If Some of these are you, then this product is for you.

What You Have Usually Been Told To Do…

IRS encourages you to max out your 401K and IRA by giving you a tax break and allow you to grow your money tax-free. Sounds pretty good right? Wrong….

Because you will be taxed out of your Gourd when you retire and start taking income from your retirement account…

And after you die, IRS will tax your estate and whatever is left when inherited by your heirs.

On top of the tax problem, you will also need to deal with the market volatility that would kill your retirement portfolio. Just think about 2001 and 2008.

Here we are going to show you an IRS approved and tax-friendly retirement savings vehicle that beats the crab out of IRA or 401K or pension plan.

The strategy not only allows you to grow your money tax-free…

You also don’t need to pay any taxes when you take income distributions, even before your retirement age!!

And there is zero tax on your estate and zero tax when the money is transferred to your heirs after you die. 

You might think, there are other saving vehicles like Roth 401K or Roth IRA that can already allow you to take money out tax-free when you retired. Yes, you are right. But there are few downfalls about these retirement saving strategies:

  • There’s a yearly limit on how much you can contribute.
  • Your money is tied to the market and you have potential losing a big chunk of money when there’s any market crash. Think 2001 & 2008 and maybe 2020?

Think about that for a minute. Do you really think these are the right retirement and wealth-building strategies for you?

What Are Our Solutions To These Problems?

The Power of using Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) for your retirement saving strategy.

What is an Indexed Universal Life?

IUL or Indexed Universal Life is one type of universal life insurance product that was introduced to the market around 1995. It offers a death benefit combined with a cash accumulation account that can be used to pay policy premiums or take withdrawals or loans.

On the cash accumulation side of the IUL, it provides a 0% floor and offers a higher upside interest crediting strategy based on the performance of some major stock indexes such as S&P500. The upside potential is however capped to a certain percentage (usually around 10%) depending on the market condition.

IUL Features & Benefits

  1. Death benefit – This is an obvious one. All IUL policy comes with a death benefit based on your coverage need for you or your family’s need. For pennies on the dollar, individuals are able to buy death protection for their family that will ensure their beneficiaries can continue in the same lifestyle.
  2. Living benefits – It’s also known as an accelerated death benefit in which an individual can access death benefit in case of terminal illness, chronic illness, critical illness, and critical injury. In another word, it’s a life insurance benefit you don’t have to die to use. Don’t be mistaken with your cash value in the IUL.
  3. Cash accumulation – Just like any other cash value life insurance, IUL provides the potential for cash accumulation within the policy.
  4. Downside protection against market loss – This is one of the best features in IUL. This benefit contractually guarantees that your cash value will NEVER have a negative return due to market loss. How awesome is that?
  5. Upside growth potential – As mentioned in the previous section, not only IUL can protect you from market loss, it also allows you to experience the potential for decent growth with an upper cap.
  6. Tax-deferred growth – This allows you to grow your cash value tax-deferred just like IRA or 401k account.
  7. Access to cash accumulation value tax-free – Individual is allowed to access to his/her cash value via policy loan. Since it’s taken out as a loan, the individual can enjoy the tax-free benefit of using the Policy Loan Provision. Individual also doesn’t have to pay back the loan as long he/she is not lapsing the policy.
  8. No minimum age or income requirement – Unlike tax-qualified plans, such as IRA or 401k, life insurance has no minimum age that an individual must attain to put this policy in place.
  9. No mandatory distribution – Unlike tax-qualified plans, such as IRA or 401k, you are not forced to begin taking income distributions after you turn 70 years of age.
  10. Access cash anytime – Since you are not utilizing tax-qualified plans, your money is accessible at any age. It is completely flexible.
  11. Protection from lawsuits – In many states, the cash value accumulated inside of a life insurance policy is protected from any creditors, bankruptcy, or any lawsuit judgments.

401(K)/IRA vs. Indexed Universal Life

As you can see in the account comparison table. If you have started in 1999 with $100K in 401(K)/IRA, your account growth is about 84% over 20 year period after TAX!

With our Indexed Crediting Strategy in IUL, the same $100K can provide you zero downside risk, but still have the upside potential of the stock market with a cap. You will be left with about $300K tax-free in your cash value over the same 20 year period.

With Index Crediting Strategy from IUL, your money will always grow as long as the market has a positive year return. You lose nothing if the market crashes 10%, 30%, or even 60%.

Why Should We Think About Retirement Early?

There is a high cost of waiting.

You will always save more if you start planning early. This also applies to people who have a newborn baby and young kids!! You can use this same strategy as well for your kid’s future college fund, down payment for a house, starting a business, etc.

Client A – Only contributes $44K starting at age 22 to accumulate $629,962.
Client B – Needs to save $124K because he/she started late to accumulate to about the same amount as Client A.

As a Bonus to Our Indexed Life Insurance

We are also providing FREE living benefits.


You are covered in these three cases:

  • Die Too Soon – There is a Permanent Death Benefit protection.
  • Become Ill – You can access to a portion of the death benefit amount in the event of a Terminal, Chronic, Critical Illness or Critical Injury. This includes coverage when you have a heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc.
  • Live Too Long – The ability to accumulate cash value using Indexed Crediting Strategy, and to receive guaranteed lifetime income, tax-free, if you live too long.

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