Why Big Brands Spend on Custom Packaging and Why You Should Too

Custom packaging is a great way to distinguish your product from others similar to it in the market. Big brands know this and have for a very long time leveraged on creating more awareness for themselves by ensuring their products have their marks on them.

One of the reasons big brands are particular about custom packaging is that it helps them increase sales. Most of these brands are already popular but if their products aren’t packaged the way they are, they may not make as many sales as they should because people may not know it is them. Therefore, the major reason big brands invest so much in custom packaging is to distinguish themselves from the crowd while driving up sales.

Custom product boxes can be gotten quite easily, you can visit https://customboxworks.com/ to find out how to get custom boxes for your product. If you want to take your business higher, you can decide to adopt custom packaging for your products. If big brands can use them to make more sales and make their customers trust their products more, why can’t you do the same for your small business?

Below are some of the major reasons you should stop contemplating this option and get involved with it already.

Reasons To Spend On Custom Packaging For Your Products

The following are some of the common reasons people use custom packaging and why it’s a worthy investment:

1. Create A Great First Impression

Personalization and its importance are one reoccurring issue in the retail business. Every customer wants to be treated like they are unique; they do not want to be just one of several. Instead, they wish to be treated like it is just them, they wish to have a special connection to any brand they buy from.

You can build this special and personal connection with your customers a lot faster when you use custom packaging for your products. Customer boxes allow you to add unique touches to your packaging. This way, when your customers get the product, their first impression of you will be positive.

Some extra elements you can include are a note (motivational quotes or thank you messages) and a branded protective material like tissue paper.

When these elements are added, your product’s quality won’t be the only thing improved, your brand will be as well.

Because your product will now have a high-value look, a great first impression will be created on your customers. Your product also gets to stand out from the get-go.

2. It’s A Financially Wise Idea

Customized packaging can help you cut down on some extra expenses. When you buy regular boxes, they may be bigger than your product. In this case, you’ll have to add packaging materials to the box to ensure your product fits properly in the box.

Using a customized box means the box is built just for you. This means you get to specify how you want it to be down to its dimensions. You know how big your products are, so you’d specify the box dimensions to fit them. This way, you can save the money that would have otherwise been used for extra packaging materials.

Another area customized boxes can help you cut down expenses is shipping costs. Shipping costs are on the rise and this surge is projected to drive the prices of products up by 10%. Visit here to learn more about this.

However, shipping products in custom boxes is a lot easier and more economically friendly. With this, you can negotiate for reduced shipping costs as well as delivery time.

Your products, therefore, won’t shoot up in price due to the extra expenses. This most likely will appeal to your customers and make them patronize you more. You on the other hand get to save money. So, it’s a win-win for everybody involved.

3. Share Similar Values With Your Customers

With customized packaging, you can make your customers appreciate you more. Alongside getting personalized experiences, customers love to shop from brands they feel share the same concerns and values with them on certain issues.

For instance, in today’s world, everyone is conscious of their carbon footprints. Typically, people now prefer to shop from brands that have the same eco-friendly commitments they have too. You can show your consumers this commitment by investing in customized packaging that is eco-friendly.

All you need to do in this case is speak to the experts in the business and come up with a packaging that is attractive, functional, and great for our environment.

With your products packaged like this, you won’t just differentiate them from the rest, you’d be making positive impacts on your consumers. Reusable and/or recyclable materials will be used to create this. This almost isn’t possible to accomplish with standard boxes.

4. Create Brand Awareness

An important aspect of business that can’t be overlooked or relegated to the back seats is brand awareness. The importance of brand awareness in business can’t be overlooked because of how it influences sales.

With custom packaging, you can increase or even build your brand awareness. How? Think strong branding. One way a business or brand can market itself is via strong branding. Now, can you think of a better means to achieve this than via custom packaging?

Getting your products packaged in the regular standard boxes won’t give the product the same power that a customized box will. You are in control with custom boxes, you choose how they look and even feel. You just have to use this to your advantage and you’d see wonderful results. You can add your brand’s colors, logo, and even font.

When people have a great experience unboxing your product, they can increase your visibility by posting it on social platforms or showing it off to friends.


All the points mentioned in this article lead up to one very important benefit, sales increase. When your product comes in packaging that appeals to the consumer’s taste and value, you’d make more sales. When your brand gets more visibility, you’d make more sales. We bet you now know why big brands would rather spend on custom boxes rather than regular ones. The question now is whether you are ready to do the same and reap all these benefits.

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