Saving for Your Retirement and Why Gold Is a Good Idea

Have you finally started thinking about retirement savings? If you’re about to open an individual retirement account (IRA), make sure to consider opening a gold IRA instead of a traditional one. Such an account allows investors to invest in precious metals and own gold bullion.

This commodity has different types of values, ranging from cultural and financial to emotional. Its stability and high price come from its diverse uses. It’s not only used for the production of jewelry but also in the field of medicine, electronics, and engineering. By hiring the best cheap IRA gold broker, you will be assisted in selecting the right gold IRA products.

Learn why investing in this commodity is a good idea.

Protection against inflation risks

When making retirement investments, individuals should understand the influence of inflation in the long run. Inflation is to blame for money losing its value over time, making cash investments risky. Therefore, people are advised to invest in a safe asset such as gold, which takes the role of an inflation hedge.

It has always outperformed the inflation rate in the past and continues to do so. While living costs rise due to inflation, the price of this precious metal rises as well. Whenever you see a drop in the value of your local currency, gold is the best way to store the value of your money. When investing in your retirement, make sure you have at least a portion of your savings in this commodity.

Price stability

Another reason for investing in gold for your retirement is the price stability of this precious metal. Its price is known for remaining stable even in times of financial crisis, such as the Great Depression taking place in the 1930s. In times of crisis, people turn towards gold investments, as the price of this metal increases in no time.

While it’s normal for its price to fluctuate, this asset had demonstrated stability in the course of many years, even when the global economy suffered blows. Conversely, there is no stability when it comes to the value of stocks, as their prices can plummet soon after negative news is shared about a particular company.

Despite being one of the most valued reserve currencies on a worldwide level, the US dollar has demonstrated signs of weakness many times in the past. For instance, during the period between 1998 and 2008, the value of the US dollar has decreased significantly when compared to the other currencies. In contrast, the gold price has almost tripled over the same period. Click here to check out the most important economic factors depreciating the US dollar.


Many individuals decide to include gold in their IRAs because of its liquidity. This precious metal is approved by the IRS only in the form of certain coins but not collectibles. These coins are supposed to meet the fineness requirements of the IRS so as to be included in an IRA. Gold IRA companies offer certified products to investors, which can be included in individual retirement accounts.

Furthermore, gold coins are believed to be more beneficial for retirement investments as far as liquidity is concerned. In terms of withdrawals, you are allowed to withdraw your precious metals from the account once you turn 59 ½. However, you can take withdrawals even before this age as long as you pay a penalty of ten percent imposed by the IRS.

Nevertheless, seniors aren’t obliged to make any withdrawals until the age of 72 ½, as then have to start taking minimum withdrawals on an annual basis. Once you take your gold, you can receive immediate cash by selling it in the market. Keep in mind that it’s one of the most liquid assets, which is constantly in demand.

Secure in times of geopolitical uncertainty

Apart from retaining its value in periods of financial uncertainty, gold has remained stable in times of geopolitical uncertainty as well. Hence, it’s no wonder people often refer to this metal as a crisis commodity. Unlike other types of investments, this commodity rises in price when tensions around the globe rise and individuals start losing confidence in their governments. Follow this link,, to learn more about the field of geopolitics.

Constraints in supply

Another reason for individuals to consider investing in gold is because of the supply constraints. The largest part of the supply of this precious metal has originated from the bullion sales from global central bank vaults. Even though these sales have taken place since the 1990s, they started declining substantially in 2008.

In the meantime, the production of the metal has slowed down as well, starting in 2000. In order for a new mine to be used for the purpose of gold production, plenty of time has to go by, between five and ten years. Consequently, when the supply of this commodity is reduced, there is an increase in price.

An increase in demand

The demand for this commodity is gradually increasing, which only makes its value go higher. There is jewelry, investment, technology, and central bank demand for the precious metal. Gold jewelry accounts for approximately fifty percent of the overall demand, with India and China being the largest markets. The markets in Asia and the Middle East account for more than fifty percent of the global demand.

Over the last three decades, the investment demand has increased dramatically. Investors introduce this commodity to their portfolios so as to minimize losses and volatility. Following the financial crisis in 2008, central banks have shifted their behavior towards gold. They have purchased more tones of this precious metal than they have sold over the last decade.

Last but not least, technology demand has seen an increase as well due to the unique properties of this valuable metal. It’s used not only in the field of electronics but also in engineering, medicine, and environmental management.

To sum up

This commodity is stable, secure, and worthy of investment!

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