Precautions to Take When Investing in Silver to Build Your Investment Portfolio

Silver is a safe investment haven since it offers price stability. Market experts assert that the metal shows a bullish trend, and prices are expected to rise further in the future. Market uncertainties and stock market crash consequent to the global pandemic caused silver to become one of the most profitable choices for precious metal investors. 

The prices of gold and other precious metals spiralled over the last year. Due to this, many investors are now moving to silver. However, while the metal has a place in savvy investment portfolios, there are several precautions you must take while investing in it.

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Insist on Assay Cards and Certificates of Authenticity

Assay cars and certificates of authenticity of silver bullions are assigned after testing and measuring the composition and purity of the metal. For instance, fine silver is expected to have a millesimal fineness of 999. 

Pure silver or fine silver bullions contain about 99.9% purity. These bars are ideal for international and foreign trading. The cards also guarantee the weight of the bars. 

Bullions with assays are also more resalable. Silver certificates usually represent the legal tender of the metal in paper form. 

The Reputation of the Refinery

Study the reputation of the refinery that makes and refines the silver bullions. Websites like offer detailed information about makers and refineries of the bullions and mints they sell. 

Check if the Bullions are Insured

Bullion insurance protects buyers from future metal price fluctuations and physical damages like dents, discolouration, and scratches. Insurance is a must, especially if you plan to store the metals at home. 

Investors can gain coverage over any loss of metal value with bullion insurance. Go through the bullion seller’s product description to find out if the silver coins or bars are insured.

Detailed Pricing Information

Study the detailed pricing information like the price per gram, price per ounce, premium percentages, spread percentage, and the buyback price. You may also check if the seller offers volume discount prices. 

Other information like the weight, thickness, diameter, and the country and place where the coins or bullions were minted are also essential considerations. It is recommended you study the detailed pricing and volume information of several bullions and bars listed on the website before placing your order.

Tax Information

The tax information of the investment deserves critical attention. Some bullions are exempt from tax in their origin countries, provided bullion storage information put forward by the government is followed. 

Investors may also verify the GST, Customs, and VAT applications associated with the coins and bars. Capital gains taxes may be applicable in some countries.

Vaulting and Storage

Vouch for the reliability and credibility of the storage vault provider. The seller may employ third-party storage vault providers to guarantee your holdings. You may also ask for quarterly statements, performance reports, and other charts from the seller. 

Wrap Up

If you plan to order silver bars or coins online, then learn more about the delivery mechanisms and arrangements used by the seller. Understand the business and trading restrictions of your country before investing in silver. Price and demand trends of other precious metals like gold and platinum could also impact silver prices.

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