4 Top Mistakes Made by Franchise Buyers

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Buying a franchise is an exciting step in the business life of any entrepreneur. It’s a huge move that requires dedication and quite a bit of bravery. As good as it looks from the outside, owning a franchise isn’t as easy as it seems. Veteran owners will remind you that there’s a lot of stress that goes along with this line of work. Some mistakes are inevitable during the learning process, but you should know the most common things to avoid before treading into the franchise business.

1.      Not doing the necessary research

Running a franchise means being up-to-speed with the needs of your customers. Blindly following trends and things you personally enjoy won’t always end up turning a profit. You have to think about the market for your particular franchise. Ask yourself some important questions before making any moves.  Is there a need for the services your business provides? If the answer is yes, you have to figure out the best way to cultivate your customer base.

You have to follow some basic steps before you invest in a franchise. The market can fluctuate wildly and staying a couple of steps ahead of it will do you good. Make sure you have the time and funds that are necessary to build your own business. The early growth stages can be pretty harsh for any business, especially when it comes to franchises. Do you have the necessary capital to sustain the business while it grows? Without taking some precautions, you won’t be able to secure your business from this point on.

2.      Trying to be their own boss

There are many franchise owners that walk into the business thinking that they will be their own bosses. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Prospective franchise owners tend to trust themselves above the owners of the brand itself. This is a common mistake that will come back to bite them after enough time.

It’s important to foster the relationship between the franchisee and the franchisor. It’s necessary to tame some of that independent thought when it comes to making large decisions on behalf of the brand. Because of this, entrepreneurs need to think long and hard before they make the decision to start up a franchise. It’s a smart move but it requires a couple of sacrifices.

3.      Rushing head first into too much

Every entrepreneur is ambitious by nature. The process of making sound decisions often takes a back-seat compared to hunger for success. As an entrepreneur, you will want to run several franchise businesses on your own as soon as possible. Unfortunately, rushing into it will only lead to multiple failures.

It’s important to walk before you start running a marathon. It’s possible to open several franchise businesses at once, but it would be much smarter to start with making one franchise a booming success. Running just one unit is difficult enough, achieving success with multiple units is a downright terrifying process. Such a feat requires a lot of strategic planning and the knowledge that comes with running at least one business.

4.      Not knowing the target audience

Business owners often have a vision for their franchise that often transcends the original brand idea. This can be a good thing if applied well, but it usually isn’t Knowing the limits of your store or locale is important if you want to succeed. Customers like things that match their expectations.

You can’t add your personal flare if it doesn’t match the business. A T-shirt store can have some artistic liberties, but you can’t make excessive artistic changes to a chic coffee place. If you want to run a tea franchise, you should know what kind of atmosphere and furniture go along with it. Adding your own touch is important, but it’s important not to overdo it.

5.      Not consulting the right people

Newcomers in the franchise business often talk to the wrong people before starting their franchise. Family members that own different businesses can give a couple of valid tips, but nothing can prepare you for running the business like actually running that business. Still, you don’t have to start from scratch and learn from your own mistakes alone.

Other owners of the same franchise should be the first people you consult on this matter. They have the most insight regarding how the business works and talking to them might be your best bet. They will probably know the ins and outs of how the franchise works and any tips and tricks should be welcome with an open mind.


Buying a franchise and running it isn’t for everyone. It’s a difficult and time-consuming process that could take ages to give results. Only the most dedicated entrepreneurs should take the first steps towards owning a franchise. Once they’ve made their debut, it’s important that they follow some simple guidelines that will make running their business easier.

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