How to Make Invoices for a Business: Everything to Know

Invoices are very important when it comes to business. If you want to learn more about how to make invoices, you should click here.

Whether you’re a business owner or a freelancer, invoices are a part of your basic business operations. It’s probably not your favorite part of working with clients. But without invoices, you wouldn’t have much luck being paid for your services and products.

Use this guide for all the information necessary when deciding how to make invoices for your business that get paid quickly and efficiently.

The Basics of How to Make Invoices

When you’re just starting out, or even if you’ve been at this for a few years, you may find yourself unsure of what should be included on your invoice. We’ve broken down all the must have’s and maybe’s to include on all invoices going forward.

Information that should be on your invoices includes:

  • Business name or your name
  • Contact information
  • Mailing address
  • Client’s business name and mailing address
  • Subtotal
  • Payment terms and conditions
  • Total amount due
  • Payment methods you accept

Optional information to include on an invoice can include:

  • A numbering system for identification
  • Acknowledgment of birthdays or other notable events in the message section
  • Incentives for future purchases

If you are ever unsure about your invoice’s formatting, it never hurts to check with fellow business owners for a bit of reassurance.

What Not to Do When Creating an Invoice

As a business owner, you’re bound to get an influx of advice. While most suggestions will turn into noise, we advise you to tune into these warnings. It could save you money and time.

When you’re preparing your next batch of invoices, keep the following in mind as habits to avoid:

  • Sending paper invoices: these can cost up to $30 per invoice sent
  • Offering only one payment option
  • Leaving off your logo or other identifying marks
  • Not attaching a late fee
  • Presenting unexplained fees 
  • Failing to itemize your invoices

It might seem like extra steps on the front end, but following these guidelines can save you from unnecessary hassles down the road.

Additional Tips for Creating Invoices

Invoices provide another opportunity for you to market to your customers. In some situations, this could be your last chance to bring them back as loyal customers. Use promotional swag, discount codes, and other offers to draw them back to your site or store.

Another pro tip is to always be polite when delivering invoices. Going the extra mile with a ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can net you your payment up to 5% faster than if your invoice doesn’t use polite, friendly language.

Taking Your Invoices to the Next Level

When you’re asking for payment you should present yourself in a professional manner. This means your invoices shouldn’t look like a document you threw together in five minutes after two glasses of wine. 

You can customize invoices for your business using generators and templates that will encourage brand awareness while providing your client with a sense of security.

Remember, people are entrusting you with their bank or credit card information. A professionally made invoice will give customers the confidence needed to pay their bill quickly.

Get Your Payments Faster with a Well-Crafted Invoice

If you’re stuck on how to make invoices, you can start out will basic outlines found online. Then, when you’re ready to step it up a notch, enlist the help of a customizable template builder for an invoice that is sure to impress.

Check out our other articles for more tips business owners can follow to improve their businesses.

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