Green Finance – All about Managing Your Finances in an Eco-friendly Manner

Managing your finances in an eco-friendly manner is not only fun, but it’s quite liberating as well. You may explore several different ways to save more money (at least you can try them out!), but to know that you are contributing to the environment while saving up – is gratifying as well. A few good steps have been documented here just to help you determine, which of these can actually help you go green with your money. Check out how you should acquire knowledge about green money or rather ways in which you can manage your finances in an eco-friendly manner. Ensure that you are informing yourself in accordance.

Consider Green Stocks

The concept of green investment is still not known to all. While investing in green stocks you are actually extending support to companies that develop environment-friendly products in a bid to shore up sustainable energy. Green stocks are being considered very seriously in this volatile world of investment.  This can certainly be gauged from the fact that most of the online brokerage firms today offer low minimum deposit thresholds that enable investors to trade small investment sizes so that they can slowly scale up the account. Investing in green stocks can certainly be a good ploy for most of you!

Avoid Eating Out

By attempting this, you will not only be steering clear of the restaurant bills (food, packaging etc) but also be contributing to your environment in your own little way. If you are consciously cutting down on the number of times you’re eating out every week or month—you’ll also be simultaneously cutting down on your carbon footprint and on chances of wasteful packaging.

Opt for Paperless Loans

This is certainly a good reason for using an online loan and the significance that it commands in recent times. Apart from the fact that these loans can be accessed quickly and that they involve zero to no paperwork – it can also be claimed that they’re a definite way to bolster sustainability. Just visit any bank in your neighborhood that offers traditional loans, and take a look at their bins to figure out exactly how much paper they are wasting.

It goes without saying that by settling for online banking transactions in general, you will actually be successful in reducing your carbon footprint to a large extent. You don’t have to drive to your bank or ATM every time you would want to withdraw money. Encourage your clients or company to send you money online as well so that you don’t have to take the trouble of depositing checks.

Now, for those of you who’re used to traditional banking might as well find it difficult to make the shift – initially. However, ensure taking a few baby steps in your attempt to adapt to these changes. Do make sure that your online facilities are working in order. Start off by conducting small transactions online. If you’re used to visiting your bank multiple times, make sure you’re minimizing the frequency of your visits. If you’re conducting 5 transactions offline every month in an average, make sure you’re reducing that to 4 and shift that 1 transaction online. Soon there will be a time when you won’t really require visiting your bank at all except occasionally. However, that only happens when you become more adept at online banking. It’s not rocket science but just a mental block for those who are way too reliant on traditional banking.

When you’re in the process of making yourself more comfortable with the entire procedure – ensure that you’re learning about ways in which you can shield yourself from identity theft or cyber attacks as well. Some of the steps like abstinence from public computers (to conduct bank dealings), avoiding e-mail links and checking the credentials of the bank thoroughly before accessing their services can turn out to be of help in this regard.

Get Reusable bottles

A number of states have already banned the use of plastic water bottles. You should take inspiration from these states and wisely embrace the habit of purchasing a reusable water bottle. There is way less money spent on bottles as such. You can just buy the reusable bottle once and wash it off in order to use it time and again — almost indefinitely.

Apply for a Green Credit Card

Irrespective of whether you’re using a travel credit card or for that matter any low-interest cash-back card, you can explore avenues of shoring up your support to the environment by getting a green credit card for yourself. These credit cards are called “green” cards quite simply because they donate part of their earnings to environmental non-profit organizations.

These are just a few means that help you contribute your bit for improving the environment while managing your finances in an efficient manner.


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