3 Store Naming Tips that will Boost Your Business

No government can be internally self-sufficient. This simply means that the government cannot meet the needs of its citizens all by itself.

There is the need for individuals and private corporate bodies within the geographical location to rise to the occasion. One of the ways this happens is through entrepreneurship.

The government will be doing itself a world of good by ensuring that administrative policies encourage the establishment and growth of industries across the country.

For instance, such a government will experience the following:-  goods and services provided, revenues generated through taxes, a decrease in the unemployment rate, a healthy GDP because of massive export, reduction in criminal activities as people will be gainfully employed, improvement in science and technology, and several other benefits.

Frankly, there are so many benefits attached to encouraging the establishment and development of industries across the nation. For more on this subject, you can visit: https://www.reference.com/world-view/business-important-society-ec1278a56eb138b6

Having established this, you should also know that there are many sides to ensuring the growth of any business. Unfortunately, many store owners across the country are focused on certain aspects at the expense of others.

One of the aspects that many businesses that are struggling to stay afloat turn a blind eye to is the subject of naming the business. This is something you should not take for granted and this is why this article will discuss 3 store naming tips that will boost your business.

3 Tips on How to Effectively Name Your Store

Thriving in business comes with adhering to several principles. One of the overlooked principles that you have to take seriously is the naming of your business. In light of this, listed and explained below are some tips on how to effectively name your store:

Let Your Name Send a Message

You should not just have this feature for the fun of it. You have to understand the importance as it determines your store’s identity to a large extent. It is for this reason that you should play safe when coming up with a name.

One of the things you should avoid is going for an option that does not send any message whatsoever. We understand that a name cannot be very detailed or elaborative. However, it should do a bit in explaining things.

As a matter of fact, this will have your potential clients anxious for answers they want you to give. A good example is the company GOOGLE. As simple as that word is, it explains a bit of how the search engine can help you look up the answers you need for everyday life.

In the same vein, yours should give a hint to what your store has to offer. It obviously will not be elaborative but will drive your target audience to your online or brick-and-mortar store.

Also, your store’s name mustn’t send the wrong message. If you think having a name that sends no message is bad, it can only be worse with something that sends the wrong message. So, you should choose wisely. For more on this subject, you can check here.

Think Outside the Box

Here is something we have discovered. People are often swayed by things they do not understand. While we are not saying that you go overboard in choosing a name, you might want to consider an option that is out of the box.

For instance, imagine using another language. A thing like this is bound to arouse the curiosity of your potential customers. For instance, imagine a fast-food delivery company named “Bon Appetit”.

First, many of your English clients do not understand what this means and will seek answers by reaching out to you for your services. When they eventually do, they will be thrilled to discover that it means “enjoy your meal”.

Have you also discovered that using a different language in this context has made things a lot easier? This is because naming your fast food delivery company “enjoy your meal” sounds weird. However, the use of another language has just simplified things but passed the same message.

While we are not saying you necessarily have to use a different language, the whole idea is thinking outside the box. Creativity is essential if you will arrive at a name that meets all or most of the requirements.

Another thing you may want to consider is the fusion of words and numbers. This is a trend that is working magic for many stores across the country and the world at large.

For instance, imagine the name “2good Professional Movers”. The fusions of the number “2” and the word “good” explain that the professional team is good at what they do. As a result, the potential clients are likely to deal with them based on this message.

The whole point we are trying to drive at is the need to think outside the box. Be creative!

Do Not Complicate Things

Once again, you must be as creative as possible. However, you are strongly advised to avoid complicating things.

When looking for brand name suggestions, you should avoid choosing complicated names. This is something you might have noticed with many established brands all across the world.

Many of them understand the importance of simplicity and go for something that is not complex. Examples include Sony, LG, Ford, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Alibaba, and Walmart.

All of these brands chose something very simple but meaningful. Here are some tips to help you avoid complicated names:

·         Go for something easy to remember

·         Go for something easy to pronounce

·         Go for something Unique but straightforward

·         Go for something that can be searched easily


Are you aware that your business name is a very important feature of your business?

Yes, it is and this is why you should be determined to have something that will boost your business. We have discussed 3 important tips that will help you achieve this and advise that you bear them in mind.

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