March 15, 2023

Credit Piggybacking 2023: How to Increase Credit Score Quickly with Seasoned Tradelines or Authorized User Accounts

If you ever plan on borrowing money, you should know that your FICO credit score is a major consideration for 90% of the top lenders in the US.

So, what will you do if you have poor or bad credit?

You can either take the long route of building your credit back up for months and months, or take advantage of a highly effective and legal strategy to increase your credit score quickly: credit piggybacking.

Credit piggybacking is about using credit tradelines to enhance your credit profile.

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This guide will clearly elaborate the meaning of such credit tradelines and exactly how they boost your credit profile.

What are Credit Tradelines?

A credit tradeline (or simply tradeline) is any account listed on your credit report.

Each account is a separate tradeline, and there are four types of accounts:

  • mortgage accounts
  • installment accounts (these are your typical fixed-payment loans like car loans)
  • revolving accounts like retail and credit cards
  • open accounts (this is where you pay in full when you receive goods)

Since such tradelines record your consumer behavior, they are vital in determining your credit score. That’s why lenders and financial institutions give such tradeline or Trade Line records to credit report organizations.

What is a Seasoned Tradeline?

This is a tradeline that has a payment history. How valuable a seasoned tradeline is depended on how long the payment history has existed.

Some seasoned tradelines have perfect payment histories for 25 years or more! Someone who has such a long and perfect payment history will likely have a high credit score.

The Significance of Tradelines

Many people do not realize that public records, inquiries, and collections are not the leading items on their credit reports. Tradelines are the most commonly reported items on your credit report.

When you apply for credit or purchase items using your credit, lenders send information about your account and payment history to the three credit bureaus:

This information will determine your FICO score and the score determines your level of risk to lenders when you apply for further credit. The higher your score, the lower your risk; hence, increasing your chances of getting a loan with a lower interest rate.

Your credit score is a complicated numerical calculation to determine your credit stature. But, generally, Credit Scores can be broken down into these factors:

  • your new credit makes up 10% of your credit score
  • 10% is based on the different types of credit you have (revolving, installments, etc)
  • the duration of your credit history constitutes 15% of your credit score
  • 30% is based on your debt ratio which means how much of your current credit you are using
  • your payment history will take up 35% of your credit score
fico score breakdown

What is an Authorized User Tradeline?

An authorized user is someone whose name is added to a high limit, low balance revolving credit card which has a long and perfect payment history. The authorized user (AU) benefits by getting an improved credit score.

How does being an authorized user affect credit?

The improved credit score occurs because the credit card owner’s tradeline is added onto the authorized user’s tradeline.

As you can see, when someone else’s perfect tradeline is added to your tradeline, you’ll certainly have an improved credit score.

You should note that the authorized user cannot use the credit card account or make changes to it. Also, you as the authorized user would not have any responsibility to repay any balances owed on the credit card. And you don’t get the physical card.

All that happens is the primary tradelines of the card owner to enhance your authorized user tradelines.

This will show up on your credit report and give your FICO score a boost. If the primary tradelines have perfect payment histories, and use less than 10% of available credit, you will get the maximum benefit. In many cases, it can increase an authorized user’s credit score by 30 to 60 points for each tradeline.

The authorized user account was originally used by primary cardholders to add their spouses, children, friends, and employees to their accounts. Those who were added to the accounts would get access to the primary cardholder’s credit line.

It has now become an effective method of using seasoned tradelines for credit repair.

Can Seasoned Tradelines Increase Your Credit Score?

When you add a seasoned tradeline to your credit report, you are adding a positive payment history.

Essentially, you’re piggybacking credit. You’re benefiting from the perfect payment history of a seasoned tradeline to enhance your credit history. You’re benefiting from the primary cardholder’s low debt ratio which reflects responsible use of credit.

The tradelines credit repair effect causes your higher debt-to-credit ratio to decrease. And the seasoned tradeline can increase the average age of your account. That results in a higher credit score.

That’s how to improve credit scores fast.

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How to Add Seasoned Tradelines to Your Credit Profile?

The way to add a seasoned tradeline to your credit history is by a primary cardholder adding your name as an authorized user in his/ her credit card account.

This way, the seasoned credit tradeline effectively enhances your credit score.

However, this is only possible if the credit card allows authorized users.

Also, you should know that your credit score will get a boost only if the bank issuing the credit card reports the authorized user account to any of the three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian or TransUnion). Fortunately, most of the biggest credit card issuing institutions in the US report authorized users to the three credit bureaus.

So, which credit cards allow authorized users and which credit card companies report authorized users?

Here are the credit card companies that do both:

  • American Express
  • Barclays (Only Equifax* and TransUnion)
  • Bank of America
  • Capital One
  • Chase
  • Citibank
  • Credit One
  • Department Stores National Bank
  • Discover
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • Synchrony (Only Experian & TransUnion)
  • US Bank
  • Wells Fargo

Will a Tradeline Work for Anyone?

Although this program will work for many people, it’s not for everyone. Tradeline companies consider “qualified authorized users.” This is done based on how much your credit score will increase.

There are a few factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding whether someone is or is not an ideal candidate for this program.

The most critical factor is your credit history over the past 2 years. This will usually allow you a higher credit score increase. If you have experienced a few problems over the past few years, you might not see an increase in your score. It is a gamble and you might see less of an increase than you were looking for.

With this program, it’s pretty rare that someone would not receive an increase by adding a tradeline, but might not be what you were hoping for.

Consult with the credit tradeline experts who will advice you regarding your situation and give you the tools you need to determine your level of success vs. the risks of having this program.

Fastest Way to Get The Best Seasoned Tradeline Offers In Minutes

Search & compare up-to-date Tradeline options

It's fast, easy and will boost your credit score

Piggyback Credit: How Long Does It Take to Show Up on Your Credit Report?

The standard time for processing is between 6 to 8 weeks after receiving your agreement.

Once the tradeline has been reported, you will immediately see your increase. If you have a certain deadline and want to ensure your line is reported faster, there could be sometimes an expedited process for a certain percentage upcharge, depending on the provider. This will guarantee the tradeline is placed on your credit within 30 days most of the time.

How Long Will a Tradeline Stay on Your Report?

The average time a tradeline will remain on your report is between 3 to 6 months.

Keep in mind, authorized user tradelines are only a temporary solution. It is highly recommended that you apply for whatever your credit goals are, right away.

It is in your best interest to use your credit as soon as possible once the tradeline is posted.

When the Authorized User Credit Card Falls off My Credit Report, Will Banks Change My Interest Rate?

When you get a loan at the time your credit score goes up due to the authorized user credit card, the loan comes with specific terms and conditions. It’s a contract that binds both you and the bank to abide by those terms and conditions: your part is repaying the loan and the bank should retain the specific interest rate charged on the loan.

Therefore, the authorized user credit card falling off your credit report afterwards will not affect the interest rate on your loan. Above all, always make a point to assess the specific terms and conditions for whatever loan you take, since different types of loans have varying small print.

How Much Will Your Credit Score Increase?

Our tradeline expert will review your credit report during the free consultation. Your report will be evaluated and once there is an understanding of your overall goals, we will decide the best avenue of action for you needs. We have helped many people receive a modest increase and have also raised scores over 200 points. Every situation is unique and unto itself.

Although there are many aspects involved, three key factors that influence the extent of credit score increase include:

  • More credit cards added to your credit report produce a bigger boost.
  • Fewer credit cards showing open in your current credit report will lead to a bigger boost.
  • More valuable credit cards with higher limits and longer histories added to your credit report produce a bigger boost.

How Much Does a Tradeline Cost?

This all depends on the credit limit and the age of the credit line.

We will answer all your questions and concerns during your free consultation. You should ask yourself, how much do I need to raise my score to meet my goals?

Is Using Tradeline Legal?

Yes.  Credit sharing has been going on for over 40 years with the enactment of The Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974. This allows people to attach accounts to someone else to raise credit scores.

Approximately 10 years ago, credit card companies started offering their customers an Authorized User option. It was designed for those with good credit to help their family and friends to get access to credit, establish credit, and improve their credit history.

Primary Tradelines – No Upfront Fee: Can You Get Free Seasoned Tradelines?

It’s hardly possible that you’ll get a genuine free seasoned tradeline. Considering how valuable it is, hardly anyone would give it out free of charge.

Genuine tradeline companies charge an upfront fee since they carefully vet the seasoned tradelines to ensure they offer as much value to your credit report as possible. This also involves an evaluation of your credit report to see how well to match your credit history with the best seasoned tradeline.

Does It Work on Business Credit?

Business accounts are different from personal accounts.

Such business accounts report to a different set of reporting agencies, including Dunn & Bradstreet, Equifax Business and Experian Business. These are different from the personal credit reporting agencies (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian).

Hence, the personal credit card in this case only serves to boost your personal credit profile, not your business credit profile.

Fortunately, improving your personal credit can increase your chances of getting business credit.

Seasoned Tradelines for Sale: Where can I Get Them?

You can buy tradelines from a reputable tradeline credit repair company.

A reputable company always evaluates your credit report to match it up with the best possible seasoned tradeline that will effectively boost your credit score. This requires an in-depth understanding of multiple factors that influence credit scores so that the right seasoned tradeline will provide the critical aspects that will enhance the deficiencies in your credit profile.

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