Fintech Trends That Are Transforming the Financial Industry

4 Top Fintech Trends That Are Transforming the Financial Industry

Technological advancements leave no industries behind when it comes to the adaptation of new technologies and innovative improvements. Although disruptive at first, new technology has the tendency to transform industries for the better. The fact that new technology quickly finds its way into every industry proves that even the finance sector is not left unattended.[…]

How and Why to Invest in Small Cap Stocks

Small Cap Outlook: How and Why to Invest in Small Cap Stocks

Small cap stocks have shown some improvements in the last couple of years. This made them become more interesting and appealing to investors. 2018 in particular, has been the year where small company shares have shown the biggest improvement on the market so far.  As a matter of fact, small cap shares, as a group,[…]

Best Ways to Get a $5,000 Loan: Personal, Business and Bad Credit

If you have an excellent credit score of 690 or higher, you’ll get the widest options of getting a $5,000 loan. Fortunately, the average FICO credit score is 704 in America. That makes many Americans eligible for multiple 5,000 dollar loan options. But, you can still get a loan even with bad credit. This guide[…]

Master Money Management in College

6 Reasons to Master Money Management in College

While still completing college and enjoying the freedoms of the student life, the so-called “real world” can feel like a difficult and often unpleasant concept to understand. On the other hand, preparing for a career that often lacks the clear structure of college can be intimidating, especially when extensive financial planning becomes a necessary part[…]

5 Best Options on How to Raise Capital for Real Estate Development

Residential investment contributes 3-5% of the U.S. 19 trillion GDP. That means it’s a proven income earner. So you’re sure to be overwhelmed by the available options on how to raise capital for real estate development. Your choice will depend on which option suits you. Here are 5 options to consider: 1. How to Raise[…]

From debt to riches, is it still possible?

We’ve all heard this story before. It’s one that many of us have dreamed of, at least once in our lives. Different stories, different people—but the formula is pretty much the same. A poor person, usually drowning in debt or originating from the slums, accidentally strucks the proverbial gold and goes from rags to riches[…]

Small Business Loans

11 Top Easiest Ways to Finance a Business Start-up

One key concern for anyone starting a business is how to finance the start-up. The small and the medium-sized enterprises (SME) proprietors often assume all the responsibilities from business processes, management of cash flows, sales, and marketing to human resources management. Most SME entrepreneurs face numerous market challenges, and between 70 – 80 percent of[…]

Failed Payments

Dunning Management: How to Deal with Failed Payments?

Source: Pixabay Rebilling, dunning management, failed payments. If you are a business owner, these words probably send cold chills down your spine. Apart from a potential money loss, dealing with failed payments means monitoring them regularly and sending reminders to each customer. They’re not pleasing to a customer’s ear, either. Unfortunately, dunning is an inevitable[…]